about me

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I'm James Toffolo, a professional videographer shooting weddings, events, and promotional videos.


I’m based in Devon by the sea but never turn down an opportunity to travel for work! 

I first discovered my passion for videography in my teens, when I saw first-hand through my neighbour what it was like to work in the film industry. He would let me tag along on some of his projects, giving me the noble task of making coffee/tea for him and his co-workers.

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Eventually, after convincing him I was serious about wanting to become a videographer myself, I was given a lot more responsibility! I spent the next decade learning from him, working on a multitude of projects, and using all sorts of different equipment. This huge amount of experience has allowed me to hone my craft and discover my own unique style as a filmmaker.

5 years ago, I decided to set up my own videography businesses: JTFilm.  


I feel incredibly lucky that I get to work full time doing what I love most. 

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I should also quickly mention that I’m a licensed pilot…well, drone pilot that is! I acquired my commercial drone pilot licence in 2016 and since then I’ve worked on many exciting projects with it. I believe that drone footage adds a really powerful dimension to filmmaking. Nowadays, I don't go anywhere without it.

a few quick facts about me...

  • I love to travel. I’ve travelled extensively across South East Asia, Europe, and North + Central America.


  • 2 of my other greatest passions are surfing and woodworking.

  • I’m a major nerd at heart with a degree in Biomedical Science and a love for video games!

  • My ideal night off includes Camdens Pale Ale, a pool table, live music, and cheesy chips with gravy.

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