Hey! My name is James Toffolo, I set up JTFilm in 2015 and since then I've travelled around the world as a cameraman and drone pilot, doing all kinds of exciting projects in some of the most demanding environments! 


The majority of my work is corporate and takes place in the UK. I also do wedding videos when I have a spare weekend!

I acquired my commercial drone pilot licence in 2016 and have worked on numerous exciting projects with it. I've learnt that having a drone really adds a new dimension to film making and now I don't go anywhere without it!

Over the years I have amassed experience using steady-cam rigs, jibs, sliders and worked on numerous productions great and small - but in all honesty I prefer to capture the moments hand-held... which is probably why I love doing weddings so much! 

I also work as a freelance offline editor and edit my own projects too. Im savvy in FCP7, FCPX and Premiere Pro. 

I'm based in Devon by the sea. It's a wonderful place to be when you're not working.

07890 190332

Devon, UK

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