Wedding Videos: Do You Really Need One?!

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to wedding videography. Allow me to demystify 8 of the biggest wedding video misconceptions!

1. Videographers use big, bulky equipment.


This may have been true a couple of decades ago but it certainly isn’t the case anymore. Nowadays, videographers use modern equipment that doesn’t stand out. In fact, guests often mistake me for the photographer when I’m shooting at weddings. The camera I use, which is top of the range, cinema-standard, is no larger than the size of a tissue box!

2. Wedding videos are way too long


While the option to have your day recorded from start to finish and delivered home-video style does exist, it is certainly not the norm in a wedding video anymore. Modern wedding videos are created to be cinematic, captivating, and emotive. You can expect your videographer to create a short film of your day that highlights all the big moments and the intricate details, without being much longer than 10-20 minutes in length.

3. A Wedding Video is a waste because I already hired a photographer


I could go on and on about this myth for a while, but I’ll try to keep it short. Photos and videos are extremely different and you shouldn’t skip out on either. A photo freezes a moment in time, whereas a video keeps a moment alive. While photos are beautiful (& necessary for your wedding day), they simply cannot express emotion or make you feel the way a video can. Because video records movement and sound, it encapsulates the atmosphere and essence of your day in a way that really allows you to relive it. From vows, to toasts, to your first dance, a video solidifies all the special moments into film for you to re-watch whenever you want.

4. A Videographer won’t get along with my photographer


Over the years I have had some couples express concern over having a photographer AND a videographer, as they worry they wouldn’t work well together. In my personal experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth! One of my favourite parts of this job is meeting so many like-minded creatives, who all have unique approaches to capturing the day. I have always enjoyed getting to know the photographers I work with and if anything, believe that we enhance one another’s work.

5. A Wedding Video is pointless since all of my guests will record on their phones


It certainly is true that the majority of people have phones to record with, but it is NOT true that they can record to the same standard as a professional videographer. To be honest, most of the clips your guests have will probably sit in their camera rolls for ages, before they’re inevitably deleted without you ever seeing them. But even if they do make it to your library, it will likely only be clips of the major moments, like cutting the cake. A professional videographer will film these same events in a sequential, cinematic way, whilst also capturing all the emotions and the less obvious moments. They will then edit the footage to tell a proper, captivating story of your special day.

The other big advantage of not having to rely on footage from your guests, is the opportunity to have an “unplugged” ceremony. Unplugged ceremonies (i.e. ceremonies with no phones) are becoming more and more popular. They allow couples to get married without the distraction of hundreds of phones being pointed at them. They also encourage guests to be more present, enjoying the beautiful day that surely took a lot of time, effort, and money to plan!

6. Videographers are intrusive


I know there is a wide misconception that a videographer will turn your wedding venue into a film set and disrupt the natural flow of the day. However, an experienced, talented videographer knows how to get great quality shots while blending into the background. This is why I take the ‘fly on the wall’ approach when it comes to filming weddings. This is a non-intrusive style of shooting that leads to beautiful, natural, and candid footage.

7. I’m camera shy and my videographer will probably force me to act


This myth relates to my previous point regarding the misconception about intrusive videographers. Many people worry a videographer will make them feel uncomfortable and ruin their big day by constantly asking them to act for the camera. Let me assure you that a professional videographer would never expect, nor want, you or your guests, to fake it for the camera. Afterall, this would only lead to corny, forced footage. A talented videographer knows how to get gorgeous, emotive shots without you even knowing they’re filming.

8. A wedding video isn’t worth it because I’ll only watch it once


In my experience, this one definitely isn’t true. SO many of my clients have reached out to me to say they’ve already watched their video back several times. In fact, some of them have even said they can’t stop watching it! Lots of couples make a point out of re-watching their video every year on their anniversary. Others set up ‘a viewing’ gathering with their bridal party to make a fun night out of looking back on the day. Lots of couples plan to watch their video with their future kids, and even their grandkids. It’s safe to say I believe the majority of couples will watch their wedding video many times for years to come.


Now that these misconceptions have been cleared up, are you ready to hire a videographer for your wedding? Click here to contact me, to check if your date is still available :)