Corporate videos are a fantastic way to showcase your business, products or services. You can cram all your most important info together along with relevant shots and music to keep your viewers engaged and hopefully get them on to your website! 


What makes a good corporate video? Office shots? Innovative services? Lots of smartly dressed people? Capital Profit? Buzz Buzz blah blah…


No, Corporate videos don’t have to be so… corporate.


Whenever I’ve worked on corporate videos in the past the ones that stick in my mind are the ones where we got creative! I’ve had more fun filming people eating desserts than filming mountain bikers flying down a hill, purely because the story behind the dessert eaters was far more engaging!


The key to great corporate video is creating the video that best engages with its target audience. This is no easy task and takes a lot of planning and story boarding. I assure you all the planning pays off. If you ever find yourself asking your video production team ‘can you fix that in the edit?’ its safe to say not enough planning/story boarding was done!


In order to be engaging there are a number of things to consider! There must always be a clear structure, like a story or a series of logical points. It must be there to guide your viewer through to the end of the video without them losing interest.  The video should aim to teach the viewer something so when they get to the end, they feel or think differently and so feel compelled to do ‘something’, because ultimately the point of a corporate video is to compel your target audience to do ‘something’. 


All of this needs to be achieved whilst supporting your brand and must be filmed with a smart and professional look, sounds easy right?

I've worked on projects great and small, from Formula 1 to flower arranging, I'm confident we can work together to get you the video the way you want it! 

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