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When I think of how far story telling has come from the beginning it mind boggles me. Imagine, it started as a caveman primitively recalling his encounter with a wild animal to his caveman pals, the likes he’d never seen before. The tale spread like wildfire throughout the surrounding camps and the man developed his tale by sketching the image of the beast onto the walls of his cave, to better display the beast’s horrific presence to all the others. A storyteller and a pioneer, for it is here that we have the birth of pictures.


Stemming from here the human race has developed and crafted the art of story telling over thousands of years, through the oldest novels, to the first flick books, to the first moving pictures to the first animated films, to the combination of everything preceding it, which brings us to now.


I love to look at film for what it is, story telling. As there were the greatest storytellers in the Medieval times as Jesters and musicians that used their words and actions, we have the greatest storytellers now as film directors and actors that do the same thing, just with superior tools to better visualise our stories.


I've had the privilege of working on several creative pieces over the last few years, one of which being the multi-award winning documentary - The Writer With No Hands. I learnt a great deal on that set.


Of course, as all others in this field of work, the dream is to be involved in a great telling of an even greater story, I’ll keep working on mine, but in the meantime if you have an idea or a story that you need help telling and getting on screen, get in touch!

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