Drones are becoming an increasingly important tool in story telling. They can provide viewers with scope that cannot be conveyed from the ground and creatively it opens up many options that static cameras cannot.


I've been piloting drones since 2015 and my drone of choice (at the moment) is the Inspire X4S. I not only fly the drone but also am happy to plan/story board ideas before shooting so we already have a finished product in mind.


Due to advanced technology allowing anyone the ability to fly a drone, there has been a boom in ‘drone pilots’.  However, being able to fly a drone and actually getting good shots with it is an entirely different thing.


Many people using drones fail to understand what actually looks good on camera and understand even less how to achieve it.


Having a lot of experience in cinematography allowed me to transfer my skills over to drone videography early on in the developing demand for aerial footage and as a result I have a firm grasp on how to use a drone to capture beautifully cinematic shots. I believe this understanding alone puts my footage above the majority of other drone filming companies on the market.


Experience, as always will produce a fine drone videographer. I've amassed experience with my drones all over the world; I love to travel and I always take a drone wherever I go as sometimes I think only a drone can do the spectacular scenes of the earth justice. I’ve worked on all kinds of jobs, from filming super cars screeching around silverstone racetrack to filming luxury resorts in Guatemala!  

If you have any questions or inquires big or small, fire away!