Wedding Videos: The Complete Shot List

Your wedding day is going to be incredible and extremely special, but in all likeliness, it WILL pass in the blink of an eye. This is why a wedding video is so important – it allows you to re-live the day and to look back on all of the moments you inevitably miss. 

There are many critical moments that need to be included in your wedding video to ensure the memories from your day are properly preserved. So, I’ve put together a complete wedding video shot list so that you can be sure your wedding videographer will create the wedding film your day deserves.


1. The wedding party prep

You’re definitely going to want the time you spend getting ready captured on film as this is the one part of the day you won't get to share with your significant other. Many clients have told me one of their favourite parts of their wedding video was being able to see how their other half spent their morning. The getting ready often includes a lot of fun and laughter with your closest people, as well as excitement and anticipation, all of which looks so lovely on film. 


2. The walk down the aisle + first looks

Many couples feel that this is one of the most special moments of their wedding, so they definitely want it solidified into film. Seeing the look in your partner’s eyes as they see you all glammed up in your wedding attire for the first time is truly priceless. Looking back on your father walking you down the aisle is also a moment you’re never going to want to forget.


3. The ceremony

This is obviously one of the most crucial parts of your wedding – you’re definitely going to want to look back on the exchange of vows as well as the moment you officially tie the knot. Having the audio from your ceremony recorded is something you'll be thrilled to have forever and some of these soundbites can be used to help narrate your wedding video.


4. The first kiss

Another big event you will want to be able to re-live forever is your first kiss as a newly married couple. It is so important that your videographer makes sure to get great footage of this once in a lifetime moment! 

5. The confetti throw

This iconic tradition is such a joyous celebration and looks fantastic on film. It’s so much fun to be showered in colourful confetti – in fact I’ve even written a blog post to help you plan the perfect confetti throw for your wedding video!

6. The speeches

There is so much going on during your wedding day that it’s impossible to fully process or absorb it all. This is especially true when it comes to all of the lovely speeches your nearest and dearest will want to give. Having all of the kind words from loved ones recorded on film not only helps narrate your wedding video but allow you to preserve the voices of your favourite people. I promise you’ll want to listen back to the toasts given on your wedding day.

7. The cutting of the cake

Another iconic tradition, cake cutting is a great event to have captured on film. It’s always a fun moment and it ensures your stunning wedding cake will never be forgotten.

8. The first dance

Your first dance is going to be so special and emotional. Having this on film will be such a great memory that you’ll certainly want to look back on.


9. The partying 

Of course, you’re going to want parts of your reception captured on film. It is such a laugh looking back on relatives and friends letting loose on the dance floor and enjoying the wonderful celebration you’ve spent ages planning for them!


10. The special events 

Lots of couples love to include fun special events in their wedding plans. Fireworks, sparklers, smoke bombs, singing waiters – all of these celebratory events will add a lot of excitement to your wedding video.

11. The couple’s shoot

A videographer should encourage you to make time on the day for you and your partner to spend a little bit of time (ideally around golden hour) to get some ‘beauty shots’ of you as newlyweds. This footage is always stunning – and don’t worry, a great videographer won’t make this awkward or corny – it will actually be a lot of fun, and a chance for you and your partner to have a little time away together.


12. The little details

There is so much that goes into wedding planning – stationary, table settings, food, decor, the venue itself, the dress, the tux, the list goes on. A videographer should make sure to include all of these intricate little details into your wedding video so that everything about your wedding day can be remembered forever. 

13. The venue and the landscape

A wedding film should definitely feature your gorgeous venue and the surrounding area. I love using my drone to capture aerial footage of the landscape - it always helps set the scene and adds a lot of value to my wedding videos.

Of course every couple and every wedding is unique - so if there are certain moments that are important to YOU, make sure you tell your videographer ahead of time.


You may also want to let your videographer know if there are particular guests who you really want featured in your video. If this is the case, send them a picture of said guest(s) ahead of time so they can make this a priority. 


If you're looking for a wedding video and want to chat with me about your plans, I'd love to be a part of your special day. Simply fill out an enquiry and I'll be in touch within 24 hours with my pricing and availability!