All couples are different and want different things! Below is a rough guide detailing the types of films I can offer. 


(All highlight films are cut to music) 

10 minute highlight film

5 minute highlight film

1 minute Instagram film


Full Day Filming

Delivered in HD 


(A combination of music and sound)

6-10 minute documentary highlights video 

Ceremony Film 

Speeches Film

First dance Film

Two cameras

Full Day Filming


Delivered in HD 

Prices from £950


Whilst pictures are beautiful, they cannot grasp the feeling a video can.


I really enjoy doing wedding videos. I'm easily swept away in the magic and as a result, some of my favourite shots I've ever taken have come from weddings. At a wedding, people are always happy and smiling and as a videographer this makes finding beautiful shots all that much easier!


My style of filming is very natural; I like to float around capturing moments as they present themselves. I like to tell people to try to ignore that I’m even there; I’m merely a fly on the wall… with a fancy camera.


I’ve worked on many weddings, but I must say I’ve learnt the most from the weddings I’ve made for friends (I’m at “that wedding age”). Having the opportunity to watch the video aside the person who’s wedding it is, really gives you an inside perspective on the bits that really moved them.


On your wedding day there’s almost too much going on for you to really absorb it all. This is why I think a video is so wonderful. It captures all the magical little moments you may have missed, solidifying them so they may not be forgotten. I think that’s why I like film so much in general, so many moments pass and are forgotten, but with film, they are turned into something physical and can be held onto forever.


I offer a few different prices for wedding videos as different couples want different things. Normally I work alone to keep the costs down, but for those of you with a larger budget, I can offer a very experienced multi camera team. This allows for more angles and options, ultimately producing a better video.  


Additionally, if the venue allows, I can bring a drone along and get some cinematic shots of the venue/surrounding areas and beauty shots of the Bride and Groom in a location of their choice.

I've got loads of videos of previous weddings, so if you would like to see one let me know! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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