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A picture is worth a thousand words... so what Is a video worth?

Whilst pictures are beautiful, they cannot convey the feeling a video can. There is truly nothing more moving than looking back on a memory in motion.


This is why we believe a video of your wedding day is an absolute necessity. Having a video allows you to look back on the magic and re-live the memories that inevitably become a little hazy. The butterflies of excitement. The deep belly laughter. The tears of joy. The hilarious dance moves. The profound love. Having all of this captured on film ensures the details of your wedding day will never be forgotten, and gives you something tangible that you can hold onto for a lifetime.


This is where JTFilm steps in


We are full-time filmmakers who are extremely passionate about creating wedding videos that our clients cherish forever. We love working with so many wonderful couples and feel privileged to tell their love stories through film.


Our goal is to create an experience for you that goes far beyond simply shooting your wedding day. We pride ourselves in forming genuine relationships with every couple we work with, so we can tailor our work to suit their individual needs and desires. 


Our style of filming is natural, cinematic, and timeless. We work subtly and meticulously by blending into the background so that we can capture the moments exactly as they present themselves. Our 'fly on the wall' approach allows us to create films filled with sincere emotion – you will never catch us encouraging anyone to act for the camera!  


If you think our approach is in alignment with your ideal wedding video, please get in touch by clicking on our contact form below. We look forward to working with you!

Our Approach to Filming Your Wedding